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Welcome to Whitesel Family farms

On this site in 1850 the farm was established in the rich fertile soil of the Ohio Twin Creek watershed. Water is abundant throughout the system, the water table is high and one of the tributaries releases water from the ground onto the farm as a healthy creek system that supports an abundant amount of life that is the foundation for the rich soil of the property.

Our family moved onto the farm in 2007 with the purpose of transitioning the land once again into a regenerative system using practices and processes that produce food as it is meant to taste. While spending many years in the food business selling commercial food equipment I had the opportunity to experience firsthand how our food is produced. Part of the job was to tour numerous concentrated animal feeding operations and processing plants across the country. It soon became apparent that while these facilities reduced costs and created efficient processes, something was missing. Gone were the animals connection to the soil, grass, fresh air and sunshine. Gone were the relaxed days the animal spent lounging and being connected to and part of the earth’s regenerative systems.

Our Experience

Our families first experience with animals was raising chickens for eggs. We learned much about animals and eggs that first year. The more time the chickens spent outside scratching the soil foraging for insects, grasses and vegetables, the better the eggs tasted. The cleaner and fresher their living environment, the better the eggs tasted. The difference in flavor, performance and nutritional value of the eggs our chickens produced from what was available from the grocery store was astounding.

Raising animals free from stress in their natural surroundings gives an animal a superior life where they can express their true nature and live a contented life. We also believe it produces a high quality superior tasting product that tastes good containing the most nutrients from that food and makes your body feel good when it is consumed.

Our Farming Practices

We also supplement the diet with a premium NON-GMO feed that is free from herbicides, pesticides and only uses certified organic vitamins and minerals and in addition to NON-GMO grains. it also includes organic kelp meal, fish meal, crab meal and apple cider vinegar. These ingredients help the animal convert the proteins from the grain into lean muscle mass. The apple cider vinegar has been proven to improve gut health for the animal.

Our long term vision is for the farm to become a fully regenerative systems that requiring minimal inputs. The animals are sustained by what is grown and produced on the farm. Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope you will join us on this journey.

We do not spray pesticides or herbicides. We do not plant GMO crops. We do not overcrowd livestock into confined animal feeding operations. We allow the ground time to recover, rest and regenerate. Since the animals give so much to us, it is our responsibility to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve, from birth until the moment of their death.

All of our animals live on our pastures which are never sprayed and contain certified organic grasses, clovers, alfalfa, oat, wheat, and other grasses that the animals consume. Trees on the farm produce acorns, chestnuts, hickory, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, apple and pears are also on the animals menu. Additional protein from grasshoppers, crickets and other bugs are a natural and important part of their diet.

About Our Keepers

The farm is operated by David and Laura and we are dedicated to producing clean, nutrient dense food in a regenerative manner. We do not believe in sustainable food! To sustain is to maintain the status quo.

Laura is the primary animal care taker. She is uniquely gifted with a natural ability to read and understand an animal’s instinct and connects with an animal quickly gaining its trust. Laura’s insights keep them content and happy, they trust her and she is able to lead them and guide them from birth to finish.

Since the farm provides so much for us and the animals raised on the land, then the animals must be managed to take their part within the environment they live. We do this through managing the pastures and forest areas so the life in the soil is developed and unique ecosystems flourish so that wildlife can thrive. We land regenerates. Each year topsoil is add to the earth movement of our livestock over the ground. We imitate how the animals would live if they roamed freely consuming resources as they went. After the animals leave a certain part of the pasture, that ground is allowed to recover with new growth, before they are let back on that area again. Each year this increases the diversity of the plant and animal life on our farms. Each year the lives of the animals are a little bit better. Each year the soil improves, the plant life improves and the quality of our animals lives and health improve.